Quality Assurance Engineer

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We are currently hiring a Quality Assurance Engineer with knowledge of ISO Quality standards, regulations, and data management procedures to ensure our products and services are up to high standards.
By joining our team at “Innovation & Design Technologies”, you will ensure and boost customer confidence and satisfaction that leads to maintaining a great reputation.
Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Purpose

  • Ensure products and services are up to high standards, implement Quality assurance process that prevents mistakes, address problems that arise, and ensure consistency.
  • Ensure and boost customer confidence and satisfaction that leads to building a great reputation.
  • Provide business process improvements based on the results of audits and analysis.
  • Follow up and assist in ISO Quality System and any quality system certificate as coordinator to maintain system and document control.

Major Responsibilities

  • Prepare, issue, and implement the SOPs according to ISO Standards.
  • Follow up ISO procedures and maintain all documents updated and under control according to standards.
  • Assure the existence of proper “Quality Control” forms and procedures that show the steps and methods to be followed by different parties to ensure the quality of work.
  • Follow up on the internal processes and quality development project plan and coordinate the required activities.
  • Perform root cause analysis and resolve problems to Identify root cause and instigate corrective and preventive actions for Process quality issues.
  • Continuous follow up of remedy, corrective and preventive actions’ progress and performance regarding time and cost.
  • Present NCR progress reports and Quality findings to Quality representatives and top management if needed.
  • Audit and review with the Management Quality Representative the necessary modifications and alternative solutions for nonconformity cases.
  • Perform administrative functions such as reviewing meetings, writing reports, and reviewing expenditures.


  • Excellent command of MS. Office Applications.
  • MS. Visio/ Lucidchart is a plus.
  • Knowledge of ISO Quality standards and regulations.
  • Knowledge of administrative and data management procedures.
  • Reporting skills and techniques.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, deadline-driven, fast-paced team player.
  • Strong communication skills to facilitate work with diverse groups of process stakeholders.
  • Good problem analysis, assessment, and communication skills.
  • Excellent planning, organizing, and work management.