Our Services

Our services are designed around your innovation and new product development ambitions. We work with you closely to set the right innovation strategy and success metrics for every stage of your product life-cycle; taking into consideration your product launch and business growth goals.


We provide different consultancy services for new products development through our multidisciplinary experts, ready to take your business to the next level of growth.

We’re also offering Open innovation programs that allow you to create a pipeline of innovations through Co-Creation Facilitation.

New Product Development

Our team of multidisciplinary Designers and Engineers will help you push new innovations to the market through re-invention of your products, packaging or processes.

With customer centric approach and the business mindset, we evaluate the current needs of our dynamic market environment and make sure you always stay ahead of the market! 

Engineering Services

Product Re-Engineering

We help you re-engineer and upgrade your products to localize manufacturing or optimize its performance around the target business needs.

Prototyping and Production Services

Our equipment and manufacturing experts are ready to help you prototype your idea, whether it’s a low fidelity prototype, a fully functional one, a proof of concept, or even a batch for market validation.

We are available to assist you with the needed equipment and consultancy to validate your ideas and turn them to reality.