Localization Made Easy!

A year ago, using local products was a matter of choice, but today the situation is different!
With the current import crisis, prices increase and the government’s efforts to encourage localization, there are opportunities to rely on the manufacturing capabilities of our local market.
Localization Partner

About Us

we offer you the opportunity to locally manufacture imported components with the best quality through “Innovation & Design Technologies”

Our Services

We Localize Your Production Tools!



Iterate & validate your product development journey before producing at scale.

CNC Lathe MachineGoodWellTF10


Your pilot production one stop shop for all Manufacturing needs with guaranteed quality

Machining Service


Get the manufacturing parts you need at an appropriate cost, time & best quality.

Re-engineering service


Upgrade your products to localize manufacturing or optimize their performance.

Increase competitiveness

Increase local products value

Reduce the need for the foreign currencies

Reduce costs & utilize local capabilities

Innovation & Design Technologies

Let Us Be Your Localization Partner!

In “I&D Tech”, we consider your manufacturing capabilities, business needs, financial and market requirements to ensure better profit margins and a “stable” supply chain that allows you to introduce innovative products of premium quality to the market; reducing time and risks while opening gates for new business opportunities.